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About Jess Rose

Jess was destined to be a writer before she even broke out of the womb. She'd kick at the clickity-clack of the keys while her expectant mother took typing classes in early 1990. Born on an air force base, she reported for duty and took to words and rhythm like a helium balloon to the sky. Childhood in San Diego gave way to an extended adolescence in LA, with a stint in the Chicago suburbs to snag an MFA from Northwestern University. She has tried on so many lives that never fit just right but always held an essential piece of the right path. "From the Throat" is what came out when she decided to shed what was keeping her bitter, broken, and bulimic and chose to find her voice.  

She had a lot of help from: Kundalini Yoga, Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Manly P. Hall, Astrology, Ayurveda, Vastu, Tarot, Black's Beach, Farmers Markets, and the endless, abundant citrus growing in San Diego.

"When you dare to be the light in the dark,

you see how many other unlit candles

you’ve been surrounded by all along."